What Happened To The Video Skit Aries Spears And Tiffany Haddish Did?

Tiffany Haddish

Aries Spears And Tiffany Haddish are in hot water and are accused of some disgusting acts of grooming underage kids into lewd sex acts.

September through a total plot twist at us.

There is a skit called “Mind of a Pedophile” or “Through a Pedophile’s Eyes,” which eventually Funny or Die posted. I have not seen, but apparently Aries Spears is the star of it. I have not heard Funny or Die in a long minute, but that’s another story. Now, before we continue, Aries and Tiffany Haddish have a pretty storied history as comedians. And they often pushed the comic meter to the limit. But those were the times and they had plenty of inspirations in real life. People like Cosby and R. Kelly were accused of some pretty heinous stuff.

Second of all, we have to ask ourselves what in the world was Aries Spears and Tiffany Haddish thinking? Take the legal situation out of it…that mess was crazy and if you read the accusations, even crazier. According to this new lawsuit, which is civil in nature – not criminal – suggests that they were thinking straight inappropriate, nasty and disgusting thoughts as it regards to two kids. The skit in question has been completely removed from the Internet. Nobody I know has been able to find the skit. However, there are people that have seen it and there’s plenty of records on social media of peoples reactions to the video. Because the video was 10 years or so ago there is no screen saving or supremely viral distribution of the video that would keep it out there.

However, that only has added to the mystery of it all. Those that are following the lawsuits have shared the video with the media in private. Obviously, the disgusting nature of it all has caused it to still be under lock and key. I am pretty sure it will come out though.

The lawsuit presents Tiffany Haddish as the ringleader in all of this, which is really interesting. I don’t think Negrodamus looked into this year and saw that one of the most popular comedians would be accused of such a horrible act. And then, to be regarded as the one trying to GROOM young people into lewd sexual acts is even crazier. By the way, Tiffany Haddish has asserted that she is innocent of all of these charges.

Now, Spears is another person. I think dude has had a really long stretch of history in comedy, but he hasn’t always gotten his respect. I am not sure if that has made him cranky or deviant, but he has periodically gone at Black women and become a source of dislike from a lot of people. At any rate, when that “mind of a pedophile” video came out it was disgusting. There was a contingency of people that felt like it was funny, but most people that commented on it, when it dropped in 2013. regarded it with disdain. If so, what kind of mind repeatedly does skits that deal with pedophilia or rape?

I don’t know! I am simply asking the question. By the way, Aries Spears has also asserted that he is innocent through lawyers. They have regarded this as a shakedown in an attempt to extort money from them. All of this begs the question “how will this impact their careers?” That is to be seen. Tiffany Haddish seems to have the most to lose because she is aa mega star. Most recently, I saw her in The Unbearable Weight of Massive TalentReally and she was great. 

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Also, I present hat time Aries Spears got bombed on. I hope he does not go to jail!