What Happened With Big Latto And That Cancelled Concert?


You can’t play with Latto!

These rappers do not play with their money and Big Latto is not different. See, what had happened was: Latto had a show in ATLANTA. She is from at Atlanta so I am quite sure people were excited to see her. The only thing is: the r#### charges that they did not have her money when it was time to perform. In a post, Latto apologized for not showing, and said “They didn’t have all my money.” Anyway, there is a bit more to the story than that.

The promoters of the show called cap – big cap!

Here’s what they said. They said they had the $5,000 and offered to pay Latto in Bitcoin. Sike! They offered to send her the money through Zelle. For those that don’t know Zelle, it is a ver common form of transferring money. Big banks use it readily. It is not CashApp or PayPal either. The money that is transferred is also well-accounted for. STRAIGHT CENTRAL BANKING. Well, she wanted straight cash. $5K in cash not a ton of money. I don’t even think its enough to make a money phone! But it is cash.

The promoters used the 🧐 emoji when the said: “So Because we Offered To Pay Latto $5000 of her remaining balance in Zelle and the rest in cash she pulled off because she Only wanted CASH then Goes to IG and says We didn’t have her money.” Zelle is not cash, but it is money. Maybe she didn’t trust them? They inferred that she may be trying to avoid taxes. Either way the fans lose!

Better luck next time.