What Irv Gotti Had To Know When He Made Those DMX Comments!


DMX is no longer with us, but the talking continues.

So, I have purposely not commented on this to date. There’s a reason for this but I’ll get into that later. First things first, Irv Gotti has apologized for alleging publicly that DMX died due to a horrific overdose of fentanyl and crack. If you don’t know about fentanyl then leave it alone, because the drug is deadly. It’s really affecting white communities more than Black communities, but we know that crack affected Black communities disproportionately. Also: Ronald Reagan. So, Irv Gotti has apologized for revealing this information to the public. In his apology, he seems to refer to other media outlets as the real source of the information. Personally, I don’t even know about all that. I didn’t see anything about fentanyl and DMX until he said it. 

No excuses!

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Anyway, a conversation with Tashera Simmons is the result of this apology. So the apology is good, and all that, but it’s still a bad look. At the end of the day, we love DMX as an artist and as a person and to hear these words come from one of his homies, it’s different than hearing it come from The Shade Room. Let’s keep it a buck here! That said, His apology has not been received so well in other places in spaces.

Swizz Beatz has not accepted the apology, calling Irv Gotti a “bozo”! Now, you have to remember all of these guys have known each other for a very long time, upwards of 30 years and some change. Irv God he is the guy that got DMX his deal at DefJam, but they go back even farther than that. Irv is also a producer so he was producing songs for X back in the day.

Irv Gotti Bozo

There may not be any beef to this, but it is a testament to how folks feel openly calling him a bozo like that. By the way, this comment came under a post by 50 Cent, who always takes liberties to diss Ja Rule and Irv. Nevertheless, this is quite crazy to me. I think Irvin is out of favor with Ruff Ryders and Swizz, but he was at the funeral without incident.

There is a slight other side to this. The interviewer of Irv, Kendra G, who used to love me (just kidding) at one point, made a lengthy comment and presented another side.

I wish I could go back in time and see how the world would have taken that one part of the interview. Most people only saw that clip but we talked for over 30 mins and you showed so much love for X the whole time! The question was where were you when you found out X died and you started off talking about your son’s party and then you just stated you knew it was gonna happen because of that information … you even got choked up. Because we had already knew the information we had had no idea the impact that 11 seconds would have. What has been breaking my heart the most is the fact that people are questioning your love for X!! YOU LOVED HIM SO MUCH!!! We all learned many lessons From this moment. I pray people can understand you truly meant no harm ❤️ love you Gotti

The only thing with what Kendra G is squawkin’ ’bout is that she knows how this works. I know how this works and Irv Gotti knows how this work. If you I say, “I love Jay-Z…Jay-Z is the GOAT…Oh how I love Jay-Z. Jay-Z sold my momma crack. Man, he’s a real role model for success and overcoming the olds, by any means. Salute, Hov!” You know, they are going to focus on ONE part of that quote and pull it out. That’s what they call a PULL QUOTE.

Irv Gotti Apologizes For DMX Comments After Swizz Beatz And 50 Cent Call Him Out