What Is Up With The Tupac Movie?


The Tupac movie is definitely coming out. But some thing is going on and we are not sure. We have caught wind that the production house, Morgan Creek Productions, has been quietly telling people not to include “All Eyez On Me,” in their reviews for winter. As you know, the mags and websites will do a winter preview that highlights all of the movies on the way. The Tupac biopic was slated for release in November, but that’s apparently no longer the case.

We don’t know for certain, but we have reason to believe there is some sort of high-end bidding war at the top level. And that bidding war has altered the release date, unlike most other movies. The movie is no in jeopardy in any way or form, however, so it mostly seems like we will have to wait a bit longer.

I will say this. It would have been very dope if the movie could have come out on this 20th anniversary of Tupac’s death. That would gave been the best case scenario, especially since we have had such a wide-range of emotions around this. When it drops, this will be me:

Image result for tupac dancing gif

By the way, did you see the wild video from Cambatta, where he plays Tupac’s murderer? EERIE.

Click here for that.