What Made Fetty Wap Allegedly Turn To Drug Game?

Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap may be in enough trouble to get him in jail for life.

Fetty Wap.

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Fetty Wap is looking at life in jail at the time of this writng. Here is the report for those that do not know what is going on:

Fetty Wap was arrested in New York at Citi Field yesterday (October 28th) just before his set at Rolling Loud for his role in a drug conspiracy that spanned from New Jersey to Long Island, New York. According to an indictment out of Central Islip, New York, the rapper and five other men are accused of distributing at least 100 kilos of controlled substances. Among those charged in the conspiracy is a New Jersey correctional officer named Anthony Leonardi and his brother Robert Leonardi. Brian Sullivan and KeVaughn Wiggins are the other two men accused of distributing and possessing controlled substances. Five of the defendants are also charged with using firearms and connection with drug trafficking.

So here is the rumor. I am hearing that – evidenced by the Rolling Loud show – Fetty Wap had no shortage of shows that he could have gotten paid off of. My source tells me he was actually turning down s I hows for money. I am not sure why he was turning down shows, but it was INFERRED TO ME that he had other sources of income. Here is the problem: bro is a pretty big star with a very distinguishable trait: that missing eye. This is not fact at all, but what these journalism streets are saying. I am hoping none of it is true, because Fetty Wap is now looking at LIFE in jail and that is not what’s up. Folks nearby are asking for prayers for the New Jersey homie, because this is a FED CASE…and you already know. The Feds have like a 95% conviction rate. It ain’t looking good. Hoping he simply got caught up in some mess and will get out of it! He got kids and loved ones, but if he was doing what he is accused of…it may all be for nothing.