WHAT? Women Go To Work And Come Home With Incurable STD’s…Without Having Sex!

Women with Herpes

Can you believe this grown man was at work playing in water with his penis? Now 11 people are waiting for STD test results.

Imagine leaving for work perfectly healthy and returning home infected with an incurable sexually transmitted disease. 

This was the harsh reality facing at least two women employed at Houston medical office building, and nearly a dozen more victims await to be tested.

There was no sex involved, but 50-year-old Lucio Diaz was being loose with his genitals around the office. Thus, bringing new meaning to conversations at the water cooler. 

Employed as a janitor, he must’ve felt his work was too important to ruin, considering he used co-workers’ water bottles as his personal toilet.

According to reports, he may have also turned the water cooler into a u#####. Diaz was arrested in October and charged with aggravated assault.

Unfortunately for him, one victim caught Diaz’s dirty deed on camera after she set up a spy camera on her desk. Describing the scene the victim said, “[he] just picked it up, removed the cap, and proceeded to put his penis halfway into the bottle…then he tilted it up so that his penis was surrounded by the water.” 

Clearly, he’s missed a few WAP appointments.

“I raised it to my face, smelled it, and it smelled like urine,” she later told KHOU 11.

Now two women are confirmed to have contracted herpes as a result of ingesting the tainted water. Meanwhile, 11 people await testing for the incurable disease. 

Attorney Kim Spurlock said, “We filed suit on behalf of four victims.” 

In addition to a civil suit against the building owner, Diaz, and his employer, assault with a deadly weapon will be added to his charges.

Based on his age and medical history, this man has been putting his penis in the wrong puddles for years. 

Prosecutors need to keep this biohazard off the streets. Let’s see if he dares to play with water in prison.\