What’s Beef? Did Remy Ma & This Media Maven Get Into It?


(AllHipHop Rumors) What’s really going on here?

A photo of Remy Ma, Karen Civil, and Papoose has hit the net, and it has raised everyone’s eyebrows.

The body language and expressions in the pic look to tell the story of Remy Ma confronting Karen Civil, who is said to be very close to Nicki Minaj.

Apparently Karen Civil was hosting her annual Women On The Move Conference at NYU where Remy was presented with the Woman On The Move Award.

During the panel, those involved discussed their passions, careers, and experiences that they’d encountered on their various journeys.

With Remy deciding to participate, you’d have to say that there’s no way that the woman would’ve participated if there was some sort of beef? Right?

Then again sometimes you have to pop up at an event to get some shhhhh handled. LOL. Interestingly enough, neither of them have posted photos from the event of them together on their pages.

Remy told y’all she raps and she smacks b-tches! She also will …. well you know what she went to jail for once upon a time, so there’s that. LOL. All everyone wants to know is what really went down between Karen and Remy in this photo because Remy’s stance/ hand on the wall, Papoose’s face, and the other woman’s face seem to suggest it all.

Remember Meek Mill claims that Karen is on Nicki’s payroll too, so it ain’t no telling what may have been said.

Karen will be speaking with Hollywood Unlocked tomorrow to clear the air. It probably wasn’t anything to be honest. We shall see!

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