What’s Going On With Rich Boy?

Rich Boys

Rich Boy has seen better days, but a few recent viral videos have raised some serious concerns.

Rich Boy is one of the most beloved rappers. Once upon a time, he served the community with dope music and that music propelled him to the top of the rap world. But  “Throw Some D’s” was released in August 2006, which as you know is over 15 years ago. Poor dude does not seem to be doing too well these days.

Check this out.

So, here is the back story.

He is from Mobile, Alabama. This is the mud defined and bro has actually rapped about the issues in the place he was raised. At the age of 39, it seems like that environment has taken him in a bit. What is even sadder is that people keep recording him and making it a social media thing. I am only writing about it now, because it keeps coming my way.

I also hope whatever is going on with this good brother comes to pass. He is also the one that did this incredible song.

I am hoping there’s no drugs involved, but we have seen people on the street that look like this and we know it is nothing but drugs. Prayers up to big homie!