What’s Irv Gotti Plotting On?


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Photo via Irv Gotti’s Instagram

In between stalking harassing Ashanti and reminiscing on the good ol’ Murder Inc. days, Irv Gotti tends to let us know about his upcoming projects. He says he’s always been a visionary, and he has a true Hip Hop story. While reminiscing on times with Ashanti & Ja Rule, he explains that he has some things coming. He barely touched on his relationship with Supreme, the beef with 50 Cent, and the “f*cking feds.” Irv claims he doesn’t know anyone in Hip Hop that went through what he went through, especially with facing 20 years. He posted on his Instagram page,

“So stay tuned. Because announcements will be made. I’m working. Plotting.”

We wonder what Irv has up his sleeve!

Part V. I turn to Ashanti. And I say to her. F### THAT. I’m not giving you the easy way out and letting Hov do the 3rd verse. I push her to write the bridge part. To stand alone on the record. To make women FEEL her. I am screaming at her at this point. Cause I want her to be GREAT. And I’m not settling for anything else. She delivers. She writes that Bridge part. That til this day. When she performs it. The crowd SINGS EVERY WORD OF THE BRIDGE. My vision became reality. They FELT Ashanti Exactly how I wanted them to feel her. I called her the PRINCESS OF HIP HOP AND R&B. Why? Because MARY J. BLIGE is the QUEEN. And I love Mary. She is IMMORTAL to me. And what Mary and Puff created. I wanted to create that magic with Ashanti. Crazy s###. I was doing all these things for Ashanti. And she wasn’t even signed. Hahaha. It was all out of LOVE and HUNGER TO BE GREAT. I wasn’t even thinking about a contract. Rule allowed me to put her on Always On Time. I put her on What’s Luv with @fatjoe. And when we put out FOOLISH. I gave it to Flex. And the rest is HISTORY. WE BROKE RECORDS. THE HIGHEST SELLING DEBUT FOR A FEMALE ARTIST. EVER. IN THE HISTORY OF THE MUSIC BIZ. SHE SOLD 503,000 copies the 1st week. ………………….I HAVE A HIP HOP STORY. I have a unique and genuine story. Filled with everything. I didn’t even touch on my relationship with SUPREME. THE BEEF WITH 50. THE F###### FEDS!! I don’t know anyone in Hip Hop. That went through what I went through. Facing 20 f###### years. So stay tuned. Because announcements will be made. I’m working. Plotting. #visionaryideas