What’s The Latest With Jamie Foxx?

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is still out of commission OR playing pickle ball – nobody knows! The rumors continue!

Jamie Foxx’s health has been the subject of much speculation in recent months, following his hospitalization in April. We still do not really know what is going on and they have not given us any Information. Porscha Coleman, Foxx’s co-star in the Netflix sitcom Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, has stepped forward to address the rumors and provide an update on his condition.

But we want to know something STILL!

Speaking at the 2023 BET Awards, which just passed, Porscha expressed her frustration with media outlets for spreading information without accurate details. She clarified that she has personally spoken to individuals close to Foxx and assured everyone that he is doing well.

But is he?

Cameron Diaz is set to star alongside Foxx in the upcoming Netflix film “Back in Action.” He remains stunned by the sudden turn of events. Their movie was temporarily stopped on April 12 after Foxx was hospitalized. While the filming continued for a few more days, a stand-in was used for Foxx in certain scenes. Diaz wanted to be there to offer support and assistance in any way possible, but Foxx’s family has chosen to keep his condition under wraps, making it challenging to provide direct help.

I think he had a stroke and is experiencing a tough recovery. Of course, we are all praying for his recovery. I think it is just hard to pray when you don’t know what you are praying for!

Good luck, Foxx!