Where’s Kanye? Nino Brown Blasts Kim Kardashian & Sisters


(AllHipHop Rumors) Maybe it’s not what was said, perhaps it’s who said it lol.

Apparently fraudulent rapper Nino Brown has p##### off Kim Kardashian, meaning a Kanye West rant and attack on the rapper could be on the way.

Brown said what many believe: Dem Kardashian girls are bad luck and lack talent.

His comments sparked a nasty text message and internet beef between him and Kim K………. Now remember some local and Trick Daddy already went in on this man earlier this year.

Brown set the ‘net ablaze with his anti-Kardashian rant. He called them talentless culture vultures. He said he isn’t 21 Savage and they are around here fooling the black men and knocking them off their game.

He says Khloe Kardashian made Lamar Odom and French Montana fall off. Apparently French Montana and Tyga haven’t made any hits since becoming Kardashians. LOL. Nino also blames Kim K for making Kanye go crazy and dye his hair.

“If I could tell you something I don’t want? I don’t need no unlucky a– b–ch, I don’t want no Kardashian. You out here fooling our motherf–king black men like you the sh-t. Y’all seen what [Khloe] did to Lamar Odom. Crack kills. He was dunking the balls now he’s smoking that motherf–ker,” said Brown.

Kimmy Kakes was so upset by the video that she texted Brown asking him to take down the video or hear from her attorney.

“Delete that video now. Who in the hell u think u are to disrespect me and my family like this. Why are you attacking us. We support you and all of your grape videos. You will be hearing from our attorney if you do not remove it now,” said Kim.

Brown clearly gives zero f-cks and demanded $5 million and asks the Kardashians to stay away from black men.

We aren’t sure what triggered Nino’s attack on the Kardashians, but apparently he is fed TF up. What are your thoughts?

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