Who REALLY Tried To Rob/Kill Gucci?

Gucci and Jeezy are at peace, but who really put the word in on Gucci?

Earlier this week Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane partook in an epic battle at Magic city, Atlanta. The battle was a part of the ongoing series by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland called VERZUZ. The numbers are staggering (over 2 million), because of the historic beef that these two men have had over the years. A man died!

One thing that happened that was a seminal moment for all watching was when Gucci performed the song called “Truth.” The song is raw and the re-upload just pushed a million streams on YouTube in just a couple days.

And that song is a scathing diss but more, it tells the tale of murder. In the Verzuz battle he called the murder of Pookie Loc a “free kill.” He said a bunch of other crazy stuff that showed that he’s definitely not over that run on his life. For those that don’t know, Jeezy had a song called “Stay Strapped,” where he ends the song putting a $10lk “bounty” on Gucci’s chain. Take a listen to “Stay Strapped.”

The question I have is, “Did Jeezy REALLY put that word in?” My sources say not exactly. Remember, Jeezy was closely linked to BMF, the Black Mafia Family. In fact, Jeezy was wearing a “Black Mafia Family” jersey on when he made that passionate speech of peace and progress. So, there may have been a double message when he was saying that healing speech.

My people are telling me it was actually BMF that sent the boys to “holla” at Gucci Mane. Pookie Loc – Henry Lee Clark III – was a rapper and friend of Jeezy Mane. He was shot and killed on May 10th 2005 at the age of 27 when he and others rushed into Gucci’s residence. They started assaulting people according to reports and, in one of the most infamous acts of self-defense, Gucci fired away. Pookie Loc was found in a ditch near a middle school.

Gucci Mane has continued to repeat that they were there to kill him. I have heard they were there to ROB him. I have also been told they were there to kill him as well, which is the prevailing notion. But, none of that matters now. For the record, Jeezy has vigorously defended himself in the court of public opinion. “Rest in peace to Pookie Loc, blame it on me never snitching/Lord knows I ain’t send the homie on no dummy mission,” he rapped.

So glad peace worked out!