Who Was Pitting Malcom X And MLK Against Each Other?

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are two of the most profound leaders in history. Now, it seems like a writer of note pitted them against each other.

The Devil Stay Working!

A new book, “King: A Life,” has unveiled a historical mistruth. Basically, author Jonathan Eig, in his research, reveals that a famous criticism of Malcolm X by Dr Martin Luther King Jr in 1965 was falsified! WHAT? Said interview was with Playboy magazine and was conducted by Alex Haley.

King reportedly said that Malcolm’s “fiery, demagogic oratory” was the reason that there was a chasm between the men philosophically. This deep divide was a construct. The narrative has always been that King and Malcolm X had irreconcilable differences in their approaches to the civil rights movement. Now we find this is nonsense. We knew it was always BS, because if you study them, you know they were more similar than different.

Journalist Alex Haley, who was 43 at that time, conducted a long interview with Martin Luther King Jr., who was then a mere 36, for Playboy magazine. This interview was published and republished time and time again through the years. It essentially caused a huge beef between the two leaders. The book “King: A Life”says that King was misquoted.

Eig discovered an 84-page RAW transcript of the full interview and it says that King was way more open-minded about Malcolm X than advertised by the government. King does not agree with all of Malcolm’s views, but he stated that he might have the answers in that Islamic brain of his. The published interview makes it seem like he was dissing Malcolm. The is a cardinal journalistic sin and Haley is once again maligned as a write and author. We should not forget it was Haley that co-wrote “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and The Roots saga, boy have had questions around the works for historical inaccuracies and as well as plagiarism.


The big question is WHY? Did Alex Haley do this himself? Was it Playboy that did it or somebody more sinister like J. Edgar Hoover?