Rick Ross Is Trying To Really Fry The “Chicken Man”


(AllHipHop Rumors) Rick Ross always has time to stunt on his haters.

At times, Rozay can be one of the flashy rappers when it comes to showing off his luxuries.

The biggest bawse decided to take some time out to remind not only fans of his luxury lifestyle, but some of his enemies too.

Rick Ross has been taking plenty of shots at Birdman lately over the way Baby is treating Lil Wayne and their on-going legal battle. Ross even took it as far as to diss the man on a track, so most felt that Ross was talking about Birdman, when he says a certain man couldn’t rack up the luxuries that he has.

“See Chicken man couldn’t do all this. See the Rolls Royce it’s under the Rolls Royce sign. See the Bentley? That’s how we do it over here,” said Ross.

For some reason the first person that came to my mind with Ross’ slight jab was actually 50 Cent and his alleged financial problems. Honestly Rick Ross may not have been talking about anyone for once.

Some folks says he also has a patna named Chicken too, so who knows. Ross is living nice though! Wait didn’t he once claim that Birdman didn’t really own his cars though? Hmmmmm.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ldsj4vp16g&w=630&h=420]