50 Cent Mocks Young Buck And How He Almost Get Merked!

Young Buck may have had to duck, when his ex-girl licked off some shots at him!

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The rapper Young Buck is back in the headlines – for all the wrong reasons. The rapper, who was once signed to 50-Cent’s G-Unit Records, has been in and out of trouble much of his life. But it seems like he has found some trouble that almost took his life.

In an incident, that is still investigated, Young Buck’s ex-girlfriend was shot at by his ex-girlfriend. The girlfriend was arrested promptly for busting the shots at Young Buck. Whether or not Young Buck was actually hit remains to be known. The police are looking for Bucky in an effort to get more information and perhaps even make sure he is alive.

His one-time girlfriend was booked at Sumner county jail and reckless endangerment charges with a deadly weapon. Lucresia Neil sits in a Sumner County jail and will likely be single for a long time.

50 Cent didn’t help things when he posted the following:

We tried to interview Young Buck a ways back, but that would not happen. When you think about it, if we did interview Young Buck, it would’ve disrupted the space-time continuum. DAMN. When you think about it, we should have worked harder to get that interview, because by interrupting the four-dimensional continuum, we would have altered a history unseen, therefore preventing him from even getting into a fight with this ex-girlfriend!

Furthermore, we all know that Mercury is in retrograde! Buck didn’t listen or know, but he better know now! Stay away, Buck and get us our interview so you can throw off all this weird energy!