Why Does Method Man Check A Photoshop Fronting Stan?

Method Man

“…Take me seriously, not lightly.” – Method Man

From his depth of creativity and his relentless drive, Method Man is earning longevity. So, with any sort of acclaim, it is often accompanied by negativity. Thus, Mr. Mef is no stranger to unwarranted hostility. Recently, on Friday (Feb. 11), Iron Lung takes the time to check a photoshop ‘fronting stan.

Above all, the legendary lyricist usually focuses on love and light. However, when the Twitter troll decides test his photoshop skills, Johnny Dangerous definitely responds. Moreover, in a caption of a manipulated picture, the social media clown commences a conversation.

There, a dunce-like performance transpires. So, the Twitter user poses the question, “Method Man shaved his beard off. Y’all ladies still choosing?” Somehow, the magic Twitter fingers, are able to conjure a clearly photoshopped version of The Panty Raider.

However, this inquiry certainly conjures a comment from Hott Nikkles himself. Furthermore, in true Davis MacLean fashion, he appeals to the Twitter user’s better judgment. “This is suckashit…us still hv time to delete it…Love and [light] my brother,” warns the curt comment.

Most importantly, the “All I Need” MC remains unbothered. Of course, soon better judgment prevails. Then, the disrespectful tweet somehow disappears. So, that is it and that is all.