Will Marvel Put Out A Black Punisher To Fight Racism?


Marvel might be doing the unthinkable able – making The Punisher a Black war vet! The movement has a strong advocate too…Read Up!

It looks as if marvel is really ready to take it to the next level, in their diversity and inclusion. The comic book giant is rumored to be creating a new version of the iconic character The Punisher.

If you know anything about The Punisher, you know that the character is derivative of a lot of the vigilantes from the 1980s. Well it is no longer the 1980s and those types of characters were often rooted in racial stereotypes.. Well, no more!

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To make things worse, the symbol of The Punisher, which is a skull across the chest. Actually has been adopted by white nationalists, Blue Lives Matter bums and other random racist pieces of crap. So, they have essentially ruined the nature of the character, which was already pretty bad in hindsight. (He was super cool back in the day, I admit.) So they took something that was already a bit racist and made it even more racist. How the hell did they do that?

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Anyway, Marvel is rumored to be taking a whole different position on the character after attempting several iterations in movies and in TV. Most recently they had a series on Netflix that had Big Punisher represented pretty well. Nevertheless, it was a failed effort that ultimately was canceled.

Now that these racist pigs have adopted The Punisher for their own, Marvel may be looking to resuscitate it for the modern world. And that makes The Punisher black. Will they actually do this? Who knows.

I know there is one person that wants it! The Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway has said that he wants to see a reboot where Punisher comes back as a Black veteran who “faces the issues that minorities in the world face today.”

Before I go on, look at how they have taken The Punisher.

Marvel's “Punisher” Was a Hate Symbol Long Before Police Co-opted His  Character

The Cops are doing this…

Police Have Embraced the Punisher Skull as an Unofficial Logo. Now the  Character's Creator Is Asking Artists of Color to Reclaim It
Murder and Serve
A lot of police love to consoom the punisher skull : r/Consoom
Found in the wild: How I feel about the misappropriation of the Punisher  logo : r/comicbooks

Real comic book heads know that they flirted around with making The Punisher Black a while ago in the comic book world and it was a little bit hilarious. But the word is The Punisher will address police brutality and his vision of vigilanteism will manifest itself in that form. Yes, The Punisher may be taking on the cops! I cannot imagine this going over well, but if they do it, I am supporting it all the way. We HAVE to stand up these racist bullies! Look at that cop car with a SKULL on it. Insane!!!!

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Punisher kicked Spiderman in the chin, LOL!