Will We See A Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj Collaboration On Kim’s Forthcoming Album?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Azealia Banks just may have gotten it right for once.

We usually don’t want to hear anything the troubled rapper has to say, but I’ll give her a point for this one.

So check it, Lil’ Kim The Queen Bee recently revealed that she’s working on her next album, and, Azealia Banks made a good suggestion! Banks says she really wants to see Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj finally collaborate and do a song together.

“Lil Kim and Nicki need to do a fuxking song together for all little black girls’ sake. It’s annoying how hard they both pretend to not know who each other are.,” posted Banks.

I was always irritated by their beef. I mean females in Hip Hop have almost become extinct, and a thing of the past with Nicki winning Hip Hop Awards for 6 years back to back. It’s like Nicki has had no competition. But for me I want it to be less about competition and more about embracing the next woman, so that females in Hip Hop can make a return.

No matter what Nicki says, the Lil Kim influence in and on her career is obvious. I think both of them would’ve made it more beneficial for both parties to collaborate on a song for the culture than to carry this petty beef.

Hell maybe they should record a few songs together. I’d really like to hear them really spit on the track! Do you think we’ll ever see this collaboration? Side note, I’m starting to believe that rumor that Beyonce doesn’t really care for Rihanna either. LOL. Why haven’t they collaborated?! Carry on!


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