Will They Try To Squeeze Gunna Into Snitching?

Will Gunna be targeted to cooperate in an effort to nail Young Thug? The streets are talking…a lot!

Are they prepping Gunna? I am not sure, but think they are going to try to make Gunna snitch. Take a look at this and tell me what you think!

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We know Gunna is not facing nothing, but the lawyer makes it seem that way. No crime. His only infraction is being in the crew that happened to be killing, robbing and other criminal activities, according to the laws. What does this mean?

There seems to be a way out for Gunna. And that is cooperation, in my opinion. I am thinking that there will be others presented with the option. Over 20 people were arrested so that means there are numerous people that could start singing. For some reason, I think law enforcement wants to make an example of Young Thug and Gunna. They have the most visibility and are the sort of perps cops dream of busting.

Hit with the RICO. Basically, this is saying these guys were a part of a criminal enterprise. This law was created for the mob. I guess what they rap about, they be about. Allegedly, of course.

Here is Thugger getting arrested.

Can you believe it?

According to the streets, Thugger may be going down because he ordered a hit on YFN Lucci. One report I saw said that the homies wanted him to green-light another and another hit. They really wanted to get ride of ol’ boy, according to the cops. That’s wild.

According to 56 count indictment, Thug is looking at charges of participation in street gang activity and conspiring to violate the RICO Act. Gunna really cannot “go home” if he snitches. Then again…

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Time will tell!