Wiz Hints He Still Has Animosity Towards Kanye In GQ Article


Just when you thought this situation died down, in an article that aired in GQ today (March 22nd), Wiz Khalifa shed light on his  feelings regarding Kanye and the Twitter battle that started over Kanye’s Max B’s Waves album title.

In the interview which was reportedly the Saturday night before the Super Bowl, GQ tries to dig up Wiz’s emotions on the Kanye, KK, Kim, Amber situation to little avail.

GQ did get a few quotes from the “See You Again” rapper on the Twitter argument ‘heard round the world, check them out below

Excerpts and reported dialogue paraphrased between GQ and Wiz Khalifa:

GQ:  “Any regret in starting the fight?”

Wiz Khalifa: “Why would I?” “…it’s done and over with, so it don’t even matter.”

GQ: “Was that a long conversation [With Kanye West]?”

Wiz Khalifa: “Nah. I keep s### brief. But for him, it’s no animosity, so it ain’t even no thing.”

GQ: “Did he apologize?

Wiz Khalifa: “Mm-hmm.”

GQ: Did you?

Wiz Khalifa: “I have nothing to apologize for.”

As of the start of last month, the Twitter feud between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa was reported over, but this interview was just days after the dispute was reportedly called off with phone calls, Tweets, pic in IG and more. The Super Bowl was February 7th, this was February 6th.

Kanye even announced on Twitter that he talked to the Taylor Gang leader, and Wiz told 94.1 the beef had been settled.

The Pittsburgh rhymer also revealed to Bootleg Kev that his ex-wife Amber Rose and Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian spoke with each other as well.

Kanye x Wiz