Woman Says B.O.B. Bribed Her Friend To Be A Part Of Breakup Publicity Stunt


We have now learned from B.O.B himself that he and Sevyn Streeter have in fact split up. While that rumor has now been confirmed, another rumor about the situation is spreading. The friend of the young lady who B.O.B was in a couple of selfies with has now said B.O.B. reached out to @Briteady randomly on Instagram asking her to be a part of the drama and publicity stunt as it would be good publicity for her business. The friend says Bobby Ray promised to promote the woman’s business in exchange for her going along with it, but after it hit the media he changed his mind. The friend also says she has “receipts” that B.O.B. sought the girl out for his own publicity stunt. B.O.B. jumped on Instagram and said all in all he was just trying to smash.

BOB Sevyn