Would Wale Take His Own Life If He Doesn’t Reach A Certain Level Of Success?


Wale hasn’t reached the level of success that he would like to reach or the level we think he is capable of reaching. Wale recently sat down with The Breakfast Club and shared that he doesn’t feel his latest album, ‘The Album About Nothing,’ was given enough attention by his label, Atlantic Records, and he explained it didn’t resonate with younger fans either because he chose to have it narrated by Jerry Seinfield and not a “Kevin Hart.” When asked by Charlamagne, “What if you don’t ever achieve the level of success that some of your peers have?,” Wale replied saying,

“Simple, I’d blow my brains out one day. I can’t inspire nobody if I don’t believe what I’m saying, and I won’t believe what I’m saying until I obtain the level of success.”

We hope this was a joke. We also hope Wale obtains the level of success he’s striving for, that he talks to someone asap, and that it never gets this bad.