WTF News: 560-Pound Man Dies After Falling Out of a Chair

A morbidly obese man died from complications caused by weight due to falling out of a chair.

A 560-pound British man died earlier this year after developing complications from falling out of a chair, reports the Mirror. Samuel Cann, 35, had to quit his job at age 28 because he was becoming housebound due to his increasing size. Cann got more an more sedentary and lived on a bad diet but repeatedly refused medical treatment to deal with his weight.

“Me and Sam often used to have arguments because I always wanted to call for medical help for him. He was housebound so the doctors had to come to us, but he was reluctant to have medical treatment,” Cann’s widow, Jody, told the Mirror. “He was told he was the perfect candidate to have his stomach stapled but he refused to have the operation. He was a very stubborn man.”

Emergency crews were called after Cann slipped from his seat and couldn’t lift himself back up. Paramedics, who discovered pressure sores and ulcers on his body, took him to the hospital where he died from numerous complications six days later.

The cause of death determined to be sepsis due to infected ulcers and sores and obesity.

Doctors said had his weight been addressed effectively, the rest of his medical problems could have subsided.