WTF News: Desmond Tutu’s Home Robbed While He Attended Mandela’s Funeral

Desmond Tutu’s home was burglarized while he was speaking at a Nelson Mandela Memorial.

Some people have absolutely no chill.

South African police say Desmond Tutu’s Cape Town home was robbed while he was attending a memorial in honor of Nelson Mandela (in Soweto Township of Johannesburg), according to the Associated Press. The robbery took place on Tuesday between 7pm and 9pm while Tutu was in Soweto township of Johannesburg.

Authorities say the investigation is on going and that no arrests have been made.

The 82-year-old Tutu had his home robbed in August as he and his wife slept inside but both were unharmed.

Apparently, burglaries and home-invasions happen a lot in South Africa.

Well, damn.