WTF News: Grandmother Beats Granddaughter to Death With Sledge Hammer

A Chicago-area grandmother murdered her infant granddaughter with a sledge hammer and a knife.

An Illinois grandmother has been charged with murdering her granddaughter after she allegedly hit the infant with a sledgehammer and then slit her throat.

Via Chicago CBS:

The grandmother, of Oak Lawn, Illinois, allegedly placed the baby on the floor of the suburban home and hit her repeatedly with the sledgehammer.  She then retrieved a carving knife from the kitchen and slit the baby’s throat.

Oak Lawn Police said Alfreda Giedrojc, of the 6600 block of West 91st Street, has been charged with one count of first-degree murder in the death of her 6-month-old granddaughter. The South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force identified the girl as Vivian Summers.

“I have never seen anything like this. It’s a tragedy,” Oak Lawn Police Chief Michael Murray said at a Monday news conference. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. This is going to be a very difficult time for everybody.”

Giedrojc was being held without bond at the Cermak Hospital in Cook County Jail, for continuing observation.

That’s the just of the story but at the moment there’s no word yet on what will happen to the murderous grandmother nor talk of what her mental state was like before this. Some people are truly evil but how much y’all wanna bet she tries to cop the “insanity” plea?