WTF News: Man Goes to Jail For Paying Too Much Child Support

Father sentenced to 6 months in jail for overpaying child support and visiting his son too much.

Unfortunately, not all “judges” use actual good judgment in seemingly common sense situations and now a father who did the right thing will spend six months behind bars.

Clifford Hall has been doing his best to take care of his 11-year-old son. He pays child support and visits frequently. Last November, his child support payments were in full. One report  (via says Hall overpayed by $3,000, a fact that Harris County District Court Judge Lisa Millard found contemptible. Another report (via the Root) says he didn’t pay too much child support, he just caught up on back payments.

Another term that was modified without his knowledge was his visitation schedule. Hall was found to have over-visited his son and Judge Millard ended up finding Hall in contempt of court for “not complying with the rules.”


This whole situation sounds fishy but watch what Fox News reported:

Dang, some people want the Black man locked up really bad, huh?

Why else was all logic thrown out the window here? I thought judges were smart.

Guess what?  Not only is the child going to be without his father for the next 6 months, but taxpayers will have to pay the father’s incarceration, and will potentially be forced to subsidize the mother’s living expenses in lieu of the child support payments.