WTF News: Pastor Who Knowingly Spread HIV Found on Dating Site, Still Not Disclosing Status

A Memphis minister who knowingly spread HIV is still playing the field online but not disclosing his status.

Last year Rodney Carr, a minister from Memphis, was arrested for knowingly infecting a woman with HIV but that hasn’t stopped him from still playing the field. He has surfaced on not once, but twice, as in two profiles, according to WREG.

One profile name is listed as “MinterWonderful” and the other one is his full name but his status isn’t listed on either page. It’s believed that the anonymous woman who was infected got the virus between 2010 and 2011. The minister found out about his status on 2005. He first admitted that he spread it but changed his story in court saying that he didn’t knowingly spread the virus.

The infected woman isn’t innocent either. Apparently, she was sleeping with Carr and her husband around the time she got infected. Her husband does not have the virus. Side eye.

There are no other victims that authorities know of right now but the point is, you can’t trust anybody these days. Be careful.