WTF News: Thief Twerks Outside of Apartment Building Before Breaking in

A thief in Brooklyn twerked for an hour outside of an apartment building prior to breaking in.

Perhaps this is one of those instances where you can say, “Only in New York.”

A Brooklyn burglar was caught on camera twerking for at least an hour before breaking into a Clinton Hill apartment building and stealing packages.

“Her endurance was rather impressive,” victim Lindsey Riddle told the Gothamist. “I’m not exaggerating when I say she did this for an hour. A couple of my neighbors walked into the building and she’d stop momentarily and then start up hardcore as soon as their backs were to her.”

And it’s all on surveillance.

Via the Gothamist:

Riddle, a 27-year-old Graphics Coordinator with VH1, says she returned home last Wednesday to find that two packages belonging to her and her boyfriend had been ripped open, with the contents taken out and boxes left behind. They looked through her building’s surveillance footage to find the suspects—the twerker kept watch and held the elevator while a man did the actual stealing (you can see screen shots of the suspects above).

Riddle has filed a police report. Yeah so, she’s never getting her stuff back but what the hell was up with the thief twerking, though?