WTF News: Transgendered Pageant Queen Wanted For Giving Illegal Butt Injections

A popular transgendered performer is wanted for delivering life-threatening silicone injections.

So…people are still subjecting themselves to sketchy silicone surgery just for the sake of cutting corners on their body part enhancing surgery. Authorities are looking for Armani Nicole Davenport, a transgender pageant queen known across the South for her performance skills but also for delivering black market injections, which have been putting lives in danger.


She is legendary for electrifying lip-sync performances that have won her multiple crowns on the pageant circuit for transgendered females.

But now the ten dancing toes of Ms. Armani Nicole Davenport are wanted.

The current reigning Miss Gay Texas US of A is a person of interest for practicing medicine without a license; specifically pumping pageant girls with silicone injections.

“I’ve had by breast done, I’ve had my butt done, and I’ve had my hips done,” a New Orleans transsexual, we’ll call Khandi said.

This transgendered female does not want to be identified. 

It’s never that serious.