Wyclef Jean Believes Young Thug Is A Modern-Day Tupac!


Ummmmmm… it’s pretty obvious that Wyclef Jean is a Young Thug stan.

Jean thinks so highly of the rapper that he’s gone as far as to draw comparisons to the rap legend, Tupac!

In a recent interview with Pigeon & Planes, Jean discussed his recent experience with working with Thugger on “Kanye West.”

“He reminded me of a modern Tupac, in a sense – in a revolutionary sense. I mean that by, alright you might see a thug, but his connection to history is similar to what Pac understood, of like, ‘This is who the Black Panthers are. Read this book, read that book.’ This kid understands.”

Wyclef also drew comparisons between Young Thug’s revolutionary style with singer David Bowie’s music career, in regards to the controversy about people not initially understanding them or their music.

“What’s really the difference between what Bowie was doing and what this kid is doing? Because Bowie was doing it, a group of people understood what he was doing, obviously. And then there were people who didn’t understand what the f-ck he was doing ….And those people saying Thugga is a revolutionary fully get what he’s doing. Because he is a revolutionary, he’s changing the thought pattern.”

Wyclef certainly has some interesting opinions! Do you think he’s reaching or is Young Thug the next Tupac? Next David Bowie?