Xzibit Has Some Words For Chance The Rapper Over Aftermath Diss


(AllHipHop Rumors) Xzibit is NOT here for Dr. Dre critics!

Xzibit had some harsh words of advice for Dr. Dre’s haters while checking out the premiere of the four-part HBO documentary “The Defiant Ones.” The documentary explores the lives of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre.

Xzibit was none-too-pleased with Chance The Rapper’s recent dig at Dre as Chance mocked a number of record labels including Dre’s Aftermath. Chance flashed various graphics on the screen to accompany his digs, and when it came to Dre’s label, the screen displayed a graphic that called the label “Can’t Do Math Entertainment”.

Chance has since apologized to Dr. Dre, but Xzibit still had some words of him. Xzibit told Variety,

“These people dissing Dr. Dre, they need to get off their cell phones for about a week and come back to reality. They have no idea. Do what he did and then talk to me.”

Does Xzibit have a point?

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