YG “Geeked” Over Saweetie!

Saweetie (Bel-Air)

YG is a gangsta, but they need love too. Looks like Blood is. head over heels for Saweetie!

Saweetie is a sweetie.

I love Saw as one of the dopest, prettiest ladies in rap! Men want her, but only one man has her now. That man is YG! Quavo is way in the past now! Recently, it has been made new news that YG holds the key to her heart. And we hear he is smitten!

At a recent performance at Coachella, our spies captured the big homie YG in the crowd. What was he doing? He was watching his baby perform! Our spies said he was so excited to see her rock the crowd out there in Cali. This is a great thing.

What’s even greater is the rumor about how much he’s giving her to uphold her lifestyle. Rumor has it, YG basically gives her a blank “check” every month for her to spend as much as she wants. She is living lavishly! I hope he’s not going broke because his nose is open like that! But he apparently has a black card with a ridiculously high credit limit. She’s not there for his money, supposedly. I hope she isn’t too!

I was wondering what might make him spend so freely and then Saweetie posted the following:

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I got you, YG!