YG Is Allegedly Out Here Stealing L.A. Area Residents’ Girlfriends


Y’all think YG did the “Toot It and boot it” with the woman?

A Compton man alleges that YG just may be the cause of yet another broken home solely based off of his recent Instagram post.

According to the unidentified gentleman, the 4Hunnid Records boss is causing him undue stress after he posted compromising photographs of the mother of his child over the weekend. To be specific, it appears the woman twirling around a stripper pole in the photo YG posted featuring several other women all surrounded by loose dollar bills is the culprit.


To be fair, it seems this situation is no one’s fault—beside the woman who’s photographed in the compromising position, that is. Her partner quickly issued a call-to-action for YG to remove the post from his profile. The woman allegedly told him she was going to take care of some family issues at the time the photo was allegedly taken. At a glance, it’s hard to pinpoint what’s more disturbing about the post and situation as a whole—the fact YG is staring at the woman as if he were mesmerized by a David Blaine magic trick or that the male affected by the post felt the need to issue a public service announcement because he’s unable reconcile with his partner on his own.

No matter the case, I think we can all agree shorty did bro absolutely wrong if she didn’t keep it real with him and he found out via IG. But what do y’all think? Is bro out here looking like a goofy or is this just one of those situations where you charge it to the game?

Check out the cringeworthy post below.

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