YG Says The Rap Game Is F-cked Up!


A lot of rappers new and old have been frustrated with the state of Hip Hop and the issues with the rap game and it’s current status.

YG recently decided to take to Twitter to voice his frustrations about some of your “favorite” rappers.

“The rap game f**ked up,” he tweeted.

He followed up with another tweet that read,


We are uncertain as to what caused the “My Hitta” rapper to tweet these things, but we do know he’s no stranger to controversy with others in the business.

As you know. YG is also unhappy with the current state of politics and this crazy election. The rapper has embarked on his ‘F-ck Donald Trump’ tour where he performs a track that has the same title.

Yes, the rap game is messed up, but is it fair for YG to speak on it? Is he part of the reason why it’s messed up or is he an exception?