Yo Gotti & Young Dolph’s Feud Revisited By Angry Fans Alleging Birthday Release Is Purposely Petty

Yo Gotti

Is this business as usual for Yo Gotti? Or a personal shot at the late Young Dolph?

Yo Gotti has fans of the late Young Dolph fuming—but was that his intention? The alleged pettiness began on July 26, the eve of Dolph’s birthday, when Gotti announced his upcoming DJ Drama-hosted Gangsta Grillz mixtape, I Showed You So.

Considering the tape drops on August 4, I can’t imagine a scenario in which Gotti and his CMG team wouldn’t attempt to release a lead single for the project at least a week ahead of its release. And again, as I’m rocking my critical thinking cap, July 27 is exactly a week from the date of release.

Could it be a pure coincidence that a deceased Dolph’s birthday is July 27? Possibly. It’s definitely unrelated to the first shot of the visual captures Gotti pulling up in a blacked-out Rolls-Royce in a black tuxedo like he’s headed to a funeral. Because here’s definitely not an entire white-on-white color scheme Gotti and his CMG label, formerly known as Cocaine Muzic Group, strictly follows.

Aside from some semi-blatant red flags and likely dangerous application of the Devil’s advocacy, this all appears to be an effective rollout for a surprise mixtape, right? Wrong, according to Young Dolph’s loyalist fanbase.

For now, it appears there aren’t any major shots thrown on the record—which is basically just a few minutes of Yo Gotti rapping about how he bagged Angela Simmons and doesn’t f### with anyone. It seems it’s the principle, though, as fans are certain releasing music on Young Dolph’s birthday is a sign of disrespect.

However, there’s always more to what meets the eye. Before Yo Gotti announced the tape or single, he took a moment to acknowledge one of his early mixtapes hosted by DJ Drama, which was aptly titled I Told You So. Yo Gotti shared a tweet remarking on the project on July 25—which again, makes it feel like this was all apart of a plan; one that was calculated, but not in a way that would suggest malicious intent.

Even still, I’m sure Yo Gotti will never forget Young Dolph once called his CMG group the Cocaine Muzik (insert politically incorrect and sexually insensitive language.)

That being said, you make the decision on your own and check out the video below.