You Can’t Hang With Erica Banks If You Are Dressed Like You’re Going To A Cookout!

Many people are talking about her plastic surgery and the hypocrisy of her statement.

People on social media are dragging rapper Erica Banks for saying her friends have to look a certain way if they want to hang with her.

While talking on live, she said, “A certain type of look, if she don’t look how I want her to look, physically, I don’t want her to come.”

Then she said, “Because the look of everything is so important to me. If she ain’t thick enough, no. Hair not did good enough? Nope. Can’t dress? Nope. Skinny? Nope! [laughs].”

“It’s like, I don’t feel like I’m discriminating, I just want a certain type of look,” Banks continued. “She could be the sweetest girl I’ve ever met in my life, but if she don’t look the part, I don’t want her to come. It’s just not the vibe I’m on.”

The artist said she is not against girls who feel comfortable “to come to the cookout [or] the listening party,” however, stepping into a club “b###### gotta look a certain way.”

One comment on Instagram said, “Did your friends treat you this way pre-surgery? Ew energy so musty.”

Twitter went crazy.

Check out the many ways people clapped back or agreed.

“Erica Banks when it’s time to go to the club….”

“Erica Banks saying she only wants to go out with women who look a certain way is not surprising to me. A lot of women feel that way. That’s why y’all don’t be having real friends just an aesthetic lol.”

“It ain’t nothing wrong with getting y’all bodies done I’m here for it🔥The NASTY ASS ATTITUDES, BRINGING OTHER WOMEN DOWN, FAKE PERSONALITIES & ENTITLEMENT some of yall have afterwards that people don’t like. You Can Still Be You & Have Confidence. Please DONT BE A  ERICA BANKS.”

“Erica Banks only said out loud what a lot of mfs really do.. y’all pick friends off their aesthetic and wonder why you know no peace 🥴😂 it’s lame af..”

“Erica Banks has mental illness 😭 how do you just get a BBL then say only thick b###### can party with you? 😭 you was just shaped like a Maytag washing machine.”

Do you think Erica Banks was out of order saying what she said?