Young King Shuts Down Fight, But What Was In King Harris’s Bag?

King Harris

King Harris is not to be played with!

T.I. and Tiny‘s youngest son, King Harris, is a chip off the old block! In a recent post that has now gone viral, King Harris gets into a confrontation with a man of sizable stature. That means dude was big! Well, King is not a really big guy but we’re here lacks in size, he has a little bit a heart with them. The kid isn’t dumb. He went straight for the bag with something in it, but what was in it?

Take a look at this.

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Now? What do you make of this situation? I see you potentially grown man intentionally bullying a very young man (16 years old), definitely smaller. We don’t know what happened before, but we see what happened after. The bag in question was relatively small so there wasn’t a long shotgun in the bag, but some are speculating that there may have been a fireman the way people backed off it seem like they knew dude might start dumping on him them. And and dude definitely chilled out quickly. Some of the initial posts I saw said this was an instance of bullying so that could be the case. It also could be the case that dude knows that if King Harris gets hurt, he’s going to hurt even more…the Kang is around the way somewhere.

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By the way, some people have suggested that King is scared to fight. Not the case.