Young Lito Claps Back At Troy Ave’s Claims That He “Ran” At Irving Plaza


(AllHipHop Rumors) Another day another Troy Ave story!

Troy Ave has been surrounded by all kinds of controversy whether it’s the on-going legal issues and controversy stemming from the Irving Plaza shooting on up to his recent Tupac-inspired ‘NuPac’ project.

Now Ave is claiming that his former artist Young Lito ran from the scene during the Irving Plaza shooting that claimed the life of his bodyguard Ronald “Bang” McPhatter.

According to the Ave, Lito ran pretty fast in the other direction once shots were fired.

Young Lito has now clapped back in his own defense! Lito claims he was NEVER in the green room with Troy Ave to begin with, and he claims that his natural instinct from being raised in the projects lead him to run for his life anyway.

Maybe I’m missing something. LOL. Who wouldn’t run from gunshots?!

“That footage is from the outside the room. I WAS NEVER IN THE GREEN ROOM WIT TROY AVENUE to run on him. Don’t be fooled. Anybody that was there know. I ain’t know who was shooting or wtf was going on. I lived in the P’s most my life n the toughest got low when they heard shots. RIP Banga tho I could’ve reacted differently but I ain’t know what was going on n thought da shooter was behind me my apologies @trife_gangsta. All u other n-ggas throwing shots killa y’all get a half of bar, fucc y’all n-ggas. 1 things for sure n 2 things for certain…1. All this for attention and it’s sad. 2. Summer coming. 3. Tupac dies at the end,” said Lito.

What would you have done if you were Lito and heard the shots? What are your thoughts? Is Lito saying that Troy Ave’s days are numbered?