Is Young M.A. A “Fake Lesbian”?


(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like Young M.A. is getting accused of faking her persona again.

As you know Young M.A. has been very open with her sexuality, especially through her lyrics. She holds nothing back letting you know that the girls are texting her phone sexually, and she keeps her an eight inch [d####] in the closet.

M.A. has certainly been trying to be Mrs. Steal Your Girl since she hit the scene. Interestingly enough, on multiple occasions some people have accused her of being a “fake lesbian” to push her music and to add hype. I guess they are saying that’s what her “gimmick” is.

Fellow female rapper Mulann Milla even accused MA of stealing her swag just to sell music. Milla said that she wasn’t even really gay. Hell, she also claimed that she knocked out M.A. in the past. Milla might’ve been trying to get a name for herself, or maybe she knows something we don’t know.

Others have claimed that M.A. had a much more feminine look in the past. I don’t know if it was because she was younger and her family may not have tolerated it, or if she’s hiding something from us.

Anyway, and older photo of a younger, softer, and more feminine M.A. has surfaced, and get this, she was even wearing a dress. The picture sparked much talk and even a little debate. Because M.A. obviously has a v#####, men commented that they definitely found her attractive in the younger photo, and shockingly some said they still like her in her “masculine style.”

Some folks who claimed to be insiders said that she used to be the girly type in the past with the long hair out and make up. Another said she’s not really gay because their male cousin had hit that recently, by recently they said in the last two years.

I don’t know, Young M.A. seems pretty authentic to me. Would you hit the old M.A. lol?

Speaking of Young M.A., here is Lady Luck talking about her younger counterpart.

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