Young M.A. Has Ghostwriters? She Denies King Yella’s Claim With PASSION!


(AllHipHop Rumors) King Yella gives Young M.A. a Christmas gift the Grinch would love! The Chicago gangster has charged that the BK rapper uses a ghostwriter! Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal. Most rappers are corny. Young M.A. is not. So, apparently King Yella had a conversation with her management and they informed to him that she uses a ghostwriter and didn’t know what the Tookah line meant. Remember Tooka is the name of a street dude killed by a rival faction. Chief Keef most notably stay something slick about him. Young M.A. said something similar and it was a gross violation, which resulted in a price on her head. King Yella even decided to apologize to Young M.A. since she apparently didn’t even know what she was saying in the rap. I don’t know if she really uses a ghostwriter. In fact. I don’t believe she does. However, it may be time to call that management team on this one. They are good people and I find it hard to believe they would even TELL the enemy a deep, dark secret like that. You think?

Young M.A. has already denied the allegations and also apologized to Tooka’s fam. I believe her. Watch below.