Young Thug Claims He’s Not A Deadbeat Dad; He Just Refuses To Go To The Hood


Photo via Young Thug’s Facebook

Young Thug has gotten in another heated debate with one of his baby mamas. His baby mama @my3whatsmatters_ says that Thugger hasn’t ever done anything for their child and the $1K a month he pays in child support is nothing. Young Thug says he can’t come see his daughter because there is a bed at the door in a 2 bedroom 1 bath with 17 people. He went on to say,

“I have a mansion with 12 empty bedrooms waiting for them. I refuse to come to Cleveland Ave, that’s called backtracking.”

Thugger says that when he gets full custody he can see his kids everyday, but until then he will continue to pay child support. They say never forget where you come from, but once you are able to remove yourself from an environment onto a better one then of course you would no longer choose to be “in the hood.” Also when you are an artist you can’t and shouldn’t be doing some of the things that you use to do. Now Thugger may have taken it a little bit too far by completely bashing his baby mama’s living conditions especially when he probably once laid his head somewhere with her and he slept with her. He really should be focused on getting his child in the best living environment he can ASAP.

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