Young Thug Claps Back At Trick Daddy By Bringing Up Old Beat Down


Photo via Young Thug’s Instagram

A lot of what Young Thug does doesn’t make sense to anyone, so we are trying to decipher one of his recent posts. Thugger has let it be known on multiple occasions that he is NOT a fan of The Breakfast Club. Young Thug wasn’t a fan of Trick Daddy’s interview with The Breakfast Club either! He took to his Twitter to tweet,

“Again #BreakfastClub IS THE DEVAaal Uma doe em like Guwoop did em if they call me doe.”

He went on to say.

“Dear Trick Daddy, Mr Trick Trick drop you old p#### ass outside a club, punked yo teeth out and is still breathing #Oldpussy freeze me.”

It seems like Young Thug wanted to remind Trick Daddy about an old beat down he received from Detroit’s own Trick Trick to let him know that he’s not threatened by him. People just won’t let Thug be himself huh?

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