The Real Reason Gunna And Young Thug Aren’t Able To Get Out Of Jail

Young Thug Gunna

Young Thug and Gunna are rumored to have had snipers watching their back from their opps. 🤯


Gunna and Young Thug are in some serious trouble. The RICO. So “trouble” is an understatement. And the bad trouble only gets worse. Recently they both have been denied bondi are still going to remain incarcerated until they go to trial. That’s sucks to be them, because they’re both wealthy rap artists. But the state government says they are participants in a criminal enterprise.

Nevertheless, it’s somewhat unprecedented that they wouldn’t even be able to get out on bond for any sum of money. Usually those government agencies get the dough, with the understanding that they will convict anyway.

The authorities noted one thing as the reason for them keeping both Gunna and Thug in jail. And that is the safety of the witnesses. No when I thought the safety of witnesses, my instinct said somebody’s snitching. You know, the good old fashioned “cooperating witnesses.” But that’s not the type of witness that they are talking about. They’re actually talking about actual witnesses.

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Now, other a recent report said that both Thug and Gunna walked around the streets with snipers having their back. So, if they were in any sort of danger, there was somebody from afar that would take out anybody that threaten their safety. Now, I find that to be CA-RAZY! Do. you believe any of this? It really sounds like something stranger than fiction You think the authorities have this vivid of an imagination?

And to think it was all good just a year ago.

Here’s the news report.

I’ve been around numerous rappers and they had people with hammers on them, but nobody that had a sniper watching their back. It certainly feeds into the narrative that they were on a crime spree or at least needed that type of protection. It is kind of crazy when you think about it right?

That’s definitely next level.

Anyway, I know that there’s gonna be some serious snitching going on with all of those guys that they swept up. Now, the question is who?

Hip-Hop knows a bit about snipers. What sniper yall rolling with? Will Smith or Tupac?

2Pac playin' a sniper in Ice Cube &...
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I’m going with this one: Young Jada!

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