Pusha T and Young Thug Trade Barbs! Who Won?

Pusha T and Young Thug Beef over racism? A pandemic? No…a song!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Pusha T and Young Thug are going at it over a Pop Smoke song. I don’t know what in the twilight zone we are doing these days, but it is definitely getting old! And played out! To see two grown men going back and forth over a rap verse that is literally one of the most insignificant things in life is crazy. First of all, Young Thug is jumping in something he has nothing to do with which, is the Pusha T and Drake beef. He is doing the equivalent of jumping in front of the bullet of a person that is not his blood or his brother. Now, Pusha T is taking the time out of his legendary life to respond to something that doesn’t even need responding to. But, I do understand that he has to say something, because the verse is sub dissing Drake, which he may not have wanted anybody to know. Dude is snitching! 

People draw inspiration from their adversaries, but they don’t necessarily have to announce that. So, Young Thug is doing the devil’s work because he is actually tearing a scab from a wound that was already healed in the public eye. We literally weren’t thinking anything about the Pop Smoke song, the verse, or any sort of Drake and Pusha T beef whatsoever, but he took it upon himself to highlight it. So, we are in the midst of an international pandemic, racial strife of unprecedented amounts for the year we are living in, and we have these guys acting like these guys.

On top of it all, we are seeing that there is an inner generational component to this since Pusha T is an older school rapper and Young Thug is a newer school Rapper. I don’t think there’s any competition here in terms of lyrics but in terms of generation, it seems like Young Thug is one of the best of the best of this current era. I literally cannot say, because I literally do not listen to Young Thug in any way, shape, or form. His whole swag is out of step with my mind state, respectfully. At the end of his rant Young Thug says that “we kill for real“ and that is what I am completely against. Why would he insert an element of killing another Black man into something so trivial? Why can’t we simply move on from the stupid, small, and minute things in life and simply keep it pushing? The old me would’ve loved something like this because it drives views and likes and traffic to the site, but now I am questioning my own goals in life. This is getting old. Grow the hell up.


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