Young Thug Suffers Another Massive Legal Blow!

Unfoonk and Young Thug

Unfoonk and Young Thug are blood brothers. The little brother copped a plea in the YLS R.I.C.O. case.

You know it is tough times for Young Thug right now. I would like to believe that he is innocent and there is a way out of this. But, the homie is looking like all his people have jumped ship! This is not be going a weird comparison but it definitely feels like the rats are coming out. You know, like the Titanic! Where will they go? Anyway, where will it end? I cannot see a good way out for Thug. These guys cut deals. They have not directly snitched yet, but it sure seems like that’s next.

I say all of this to say that Thugger’s flesh & blood brother has taken a deal. Unfoonk, the brother in question, has accepted a plea deal in the YSL case. This makes him the 5th person in YSL to take a deal. He will receive a 10 year probation sentence, AND is forbidden to have any contact with his brother. Oh snap!


Here is part of the bio of Unfoonk:

When first signing his record deal, Unfoonk’s brother (Young Thug) gave him advice that stuck with him telling him to continue to “feed your mind”. Taking that advice to heart, even though Unfoonk used his time in prison to write music he used his release to start fresh creating all new songs from a fresh perspective. He became enamored by the opportunity to perform seeing his brother and other YSL members (including his sisters Dolly and HiDoraah) performing in front of thousands of people and decided he was going to give music his all.

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Needless to say, everybody is waiting for Thug to have his day in court. I would imagine it is getting crazy and crazier since they launched that “Protect Black Art” movement a few short months ago. I wonder if Kevin Liles is still willing to go to bat for his artist and son. I hope so, because he’s going to need all the help he can get.

Make it about Black Art again, please.