Young Thug Reveals Exactly What He Wants In Jail

Young Thug

Young Thug has made a request and now we must wonder if T.I. and Lil Boosie will listen to him.


We interviewed Boosie last month and he made it seem like he and Tip were all good. He did not exactly shoot down their collaboration, but he said they were moving forward. They are in a good space. We fans want this album! For the record, the interview is great.

So, a few things have happened since this interview, most notably Boosie getting arrested. He is now out on bail and seems to be confident he will beat the gun charges levied against him. ANYWAY… let’s move on to why you are here. I certainly did not put Tip or Boosie in the headline!

Young Thug put out that he wants the collaboration album between the two southern Kings. Remember they got in a tiff over snitching and Boosie admittedly got it wrong. But, now I am hearing that Tip no longer wants to do it. They are working on a reality TV situation that Boosie talks about in our interview, and that seems to be the most important. Peep what Thugger had to say below.

Are you interested in this?

I am.

Let’s go!