Young Thug’s Former Manager Says The Rapper Can Barely Keep His Lights On Because Of Someone Else


(AllHipHop Rumors) Who’s been stealing from Young Thug?

After word spread last week that Young Thug’s former manager Manny Halley was allegedly fired for stealing hundred of thousands of dollars from Young Thug, Halley is now pointing the blame at David Weise and Associates.

So basically the company and Halley are now pointing fingers at each other.

According to TMZ, Manny says he did request $200,000, but that money was only to be used for private jets for Thugger’s concerts. Manny claims that Weise and his company are actually the ones that handle all of Thug’s finances, and the only reason they are blaming him is to get out of the hot seat themselves.

Manny has also stated that Weise’s company has ruined his reputation by sending out an email claiming that he racked up thousands of unauthorized charges, when they are the ones who really screwed up.

Manny even claims that the company messed up Thugger’s fianances so bad before that the rapper had to go without paying his light bill and cell phone bill leading to them both getting cut off once.

Apparently Halley tried to get Weise’s company fired before, and they used the email to strike back. Oh my. Hopefully Thugger can get to the bottom of this.