YSL Members Claim Young Thug Will Kill Them And Their Families

Young Thug

Young Thug is not getting out of jail! Part of the reason is they are super scared of him!

Young Thug!

I may have gotten it all confused. Are used to see young thug wearing dresses and appearing extremely androgynous and thought that meant he was sauce. As time moves forward, it seems like the opposite is true. First of all, he is innocent until proven guilty.

This Is the Story Behind Young Thug's 'Jeffery' Dress | Complex

It seems as though his cohorts in crime, allegedly, are singing like birds on a sunny day. The other members of the YSL crew are claiming to be scared of young thug and fear he will kill them as well as their families. This sounds crazy. It almost sounds as if Young Thug is the godfather or some sort of criminal sociopathic murderer.

Just gives a bit of a different point of view to Kevin Liles’s tears yesterday. No, I am thinking maybe he was crying because he was scared. As you may recall, the mogul put up his own personal assets as well as company assets to secure a bond for Young Thug. Jeffrey was denied bond even though they agreed to put 24 police officers on him for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Those singing birds are singing so loudly that they wouldn’t even except that million dollar proposition. That is some serious fear.


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“ He is the most dangerous of the 24.” 

Dang! Check this out.

They are also saying Thugger is also going though detox. They have been tracing his calls and say that he was on drugs up until this trial for bond.