Zion Williamson’s Fatherhood Marred By Adult Film Star

Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans is about to be a father with a woman who has an interesting past. And now, another woman piles on more drama.

This might be the first time Zion Williamson has appeared in the rumors sections—and it’s not for good things. The New Orleans Pelicans rising star recently made headlines when it was revealed he’s expecting a child, which is pretty big news. Things quickly took a messy turn, like a garbage truck on a cliff doing 75 miles per hour. An adult film star (wink-wink) named Moriah Mills called him out on Twitter, claiming he was seeing her while also being involved with the mother of his child. Please say no, but it’s a yes.

Mills—a verified adult star—went on a Twitter rant, sharing her side of the story and providing details about her alleged experience with Williamson. Now, we can’t really say what’s true or not in this situation, but Williamson can’t be happy about this. The drama is overshadowing his fatherhood moment.

Williamson has seemingly gotten more attention off the court than on the court. Early in his career, most of the attention focused on his injury struggles and how he wasn’t as helpful to the Pelicans as expected.

Right now, Mills is just talking. We don’t know the whole story. So, before we delve into the messiness, these two seem very happy.

Williamson has the potential to be an incredible player for the Pelicans, but this takes away from it for many. Hopefully he can can get back to focusing on the game and preparing for the arrival of his newborn. Let’s hope this mess gets sorted out soon.

Peep this:

She definitely lined him up.

Now a lot of people are saying “we don’t care,” but this woman is getting a lot of attention and traction with her tweets.

And then she started talking to the baby mama—tasteless and classless!

We aren’t going to post all that she said, but you can check it out for yourself. However, she did take time to congratulate the couple/parents!

Last but not least, there’s this NSFW video in circulation:

The woman in blue, is Williamson’s alleged baby mama-to-be doing all the beating. And there we have it: mad drama. She got super busy in that vid. She was not jumped through. She was set up, because they didn’t stop rolling even when the other girl was punch drunk.

This is all her…she likes the color blue.