Bun B Ignites Twitter After Claiming Mexicans-Americans Are His Biggest Fans

Bun B

It’s a numbers game.

Bun B is smart and well-versed. The UGK vet recently spoke his mind, claiming Mexican-Americans are his biggest fans. Of course, a great Twitter debate ensued. Needless to mention, the Southern icon thoroughly explained his thoughts—and he had a lot to say.

“If you have a product or present something to the public, nine times out of 10, Mexican-Americans are going to be not only your biggest customer base but also your most consistent customer base,” he said.

Numbers don’t lie. Next, he drove home his point with, “You know what I’m saying. That’s just math.”

Bun B gave a shout out to his most loyal fanbase: “It’s important that we acknowledge their participation and their love for the culture.”

Keep in mind, the lyrical legend is a pillar of Hip-Hop. His artistic acumen is well-respected. Plus, his art and views on society are also routinely appreciated.

The public has taken to Twitter to weigh in, and the opinions are widely varied. By far, many people have agreed with Bun’s candid comments. Others have refused to accept his feelings.